how to measure for a kilt


When measuring, please stand straight with your feet together. It’s best to have someone else take these measurements for you while you look straight ahead. We will come back to you with any queries regarding measurements before processing your order, to make sure we get it just right.

Gent’s traditional kilt


Take this firmly, around the actual waist (belly button height).


More comfortably, around the widest part of the hips (bum).


From 2″ above the actual waist (just below the rib cage) to the top of the knee cap. If you prefer to wear the kilt longer or shorter, please advise this when ordering.

Overall Height – very important!

Gents’ casual and Boys’ kilts

Waist should be taken comfortably, where you want the kilt to sit.
Length should be taken from the waist level, to the top of the knee cap.
Please specify if a hem is required for growth in a child’s kilt when ordering.

Measurements – ladies’ kilts, gents’ jackets and trews – click here

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